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Something On My Mind Personal Finance

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Jul 15, 2021

This personal finance tip is about switching from a traditional butane lighter to an arc lighter. They last longer and it reduces environmental waste.


Jul 8, 2021

This personal finance tip is about the benefits of doing business with a credit union.

Many people bank with major banks; however, credit unions can offer many advantages that banks do not.

One is they may offer a more personalized customer service, lower fees and  higher interest rates on savings.

Another benefit is...

Jun 28, 2021

This episode discusses the meme stocks including Blackberry, AMC and GameStop that had gone quiet but now are back in play in again. The short interest increased and Reddit's WallStreetBets Forum decided to jump back in.

We'll explain how short selling works and what happens if you are on the wrong side of the...

Jun 21, 2021

This week's episode discusses the ins and outs of cryptocurrency; what it means, how it is made and the focus in security. We also discusses how it is bought, stored and used and what could be the future of the currency in mainstream society. 

The stories section discusses self-filling concrete, a man who gets swallowed...

Jun 14, 2021

This episode's main topic is about a listener question: is it advantageous incorporate a 13-payment plan with your mortgage lender? The answer is yes and possibly no. 

We also take review listener feedback regarding recent personal finance tips of the week. 

The roundtable the discussion is about our neighbor...