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Something On My Mind | Personal Finance

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Mar 29, 2021

The third round of the stimulus checks are being issued. What it the best way to use the money with your budget. Some people are in dire straits and may use these funds differently than those that have managed the pay the bills. 

The key goal is to pay down debt especially when it comes to credit cards and if that is in check then this money can be invested.

In the roundtable, a bank employee was busted for load apps on customer's phones while reviewing their personal pictures.

For the stories of the week, the topic is about a man who received his last paycheck of $950 in oiled pennies from his employer. The next story is about personal trainer who sued her employer because her work duties made her sweat and caused anxiety. 

In the last story it is time to celebrate the "Ken Doll's" 60th birthday and talk about the milestones in his life. 

Ken doll's birthday

Woman sues employer for sweating

$950 in the last paycheck