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Something On My Mind | Personal Finance

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Jan 18, 2021

This episode discusses how you may qualify to get employer benefits for items such as sick leave, relocation benefits and namely health insurance.

In the roundtable they discuss the picture taken on ghosts over the dining room table as well as objects falling off of shelves by their contractor. 

In offbeat stories section, Elon Musk mentioned a messaging app that he supports to the media; however, people mistook and it and drove up a penny stock with a similar name to outrageous prices. 

Next, a TikTok'er is buying unclaimed mail for just $1 and is discovering some valuable gifts inside. Next, they discuss the "best" jobs list from U.S. World News and Report.

Strange Name Movie:

Elon Musk:

TikTok'er Sell's Unclaimed Mail:]